In recent years, this single issue alone (both pro and con) has created much controversy within the church. It came more to the forefront in 1973 whereby the U.S. Supreme Court opened the door for legalized abortions. Nothing has created more fervor and controversy than this very topic within the Catholic Church.

So why is the Catholic Church against abortions? One reason is that the Bible has consistently condemned this practice. Even in some cases where the pregnancy might kill the mother, or where the pregnancy is due to rape or incest, the Catholic Church has kept their stance that abortion is wrong. They believe that all life is sacred and that the killing of God’s creation is a sin and under no circumstances should it be allowed. In addition, the church believes that the taking of an innocent human life goes totally against the fifth amendment teaching: “Thou shalt not kill.”

According to church teachings, they believe that the moment of conception signifies life. They indicate that other criteria used to offset this belief is unnatural and totally wrong. For those arguments that go against this concept, there is much rebuttal. The church believes that at no time is it lawful to take an innocent person’s life – embryo stage or not.

Others who may argue with this stance, bring forward the argument of how can the Catholic Church be totally against abortion yet it may be appropriate for a person to take another’s life in self defense. The answer from the Catholic Diocese is that an unborn child is innocent and defenseless and that the killing in self-defense falls under different criteria.

In the case where an abortion is needed to save a mother’s life, again the church’s stance is that it shouldn’t take place as there is no circumstance where this can be allowed. This, of course, creates much controversy in various circles and many Catholics do go against this staunch doctrine. This is in direct opposition to the Catholic belief system.

But despite the Catholic Church’s stance on abortion, there are some people who believe that abortion in extreme situations should be allowed. Others just believe that a woman has the right to choose whether or not she wants to carry or have an abortion. In this instance, many believe that since the child is still in the womb, it has not yet fully developed; therefore, it’s not yet a person. They clearly don’t consider this as killing or murder. These people argue that abortions should be allowed depending on the stage of the pregnancy because they don’t believe human life begins at conception.

It is not likely that the Catholic Church will be changing their stance on this abortion issue. The Catholic Church believes that if the circumstances that brought a couple together created a life, then it was meant for that child to be brought into the world by God. They are strong on the conviction that life begins at conception and will likely not be swayed as it would also be contradictory to the firth commandment and contrary to God’s teachings. The odds of the Catholic Church changing their stance on abortions is highly unlikely as this issue hits the very core of their belief system.