The Catholic Church recognises consensual sexual relations between two people of the opposite sex, and this sexual relationship should not be inclined toward satisfying desires that do not conform to the moral norm. This means that the church generally preaches against homosexuality because it is an act that involves genital contact between two people of the same sex.

Although the Church does not support the act of homosexuality, they do not discriminate anyone because of their sexual tendencies. This is because the church believes that everyone has an identity and since we are equal before God’s eyes regardless of the choices we make in life, even gay people a right to claim the promise of eternal life. For this reason the Church will not show prejudice against homosexuals because of they believe that given a chance everyone will slowly but surely seek to come closer to the almighty.

Even though the Church will not undermine homosexual, it will not stop preaching about their belief about sexual connections to each other. Thus, the church only supports the union of man and woman enjoined in marriage, and this is the only union recognized by God. For this reason, the Church firmly rejects homosexual partnerships and in its place supports God ordained heterosexual relationships. Also the church opposes genital acts between people of the same sex because it does not lead to creation of life.

Purposefully the church has put its best foot forward in the fight against sexual acts that do not conform to what is regarded as the moral norm. To push this agenda, the church has been preaching about moral values of marriage and sexuality. However difficult this might be as some societies have accepted gay marriages, the church has a calling and it will not back down. Hence, the church has to continue preaching against the act of homosexuality since it has duty to make everyone understand the standards acceptable by God when it comes to sexuality.

The Catholic Church also respects that all human beings have rights. However, this does not mean they support people who perform acts that are not morally acceptable in the society. It only explains the reason why the church continues to spread the gospel against gay marriages. On the other hand, the church is charged with the responsibility of helping people overcome sexual oriented challenges amongst other trials of life hence, the reason why the church cannot close its doors to homosexuals.

When we put all into perspective, we can honestly conclude that the Catholic Church does not support gay marriages, or sexual behaviours against the moral order. Instead the church preaches and supports sexual relations that happen in the confines of marriage, and this could mean that only heterosexual marriages are acceptable according to their doctrines. We can say that the Catholic Church supports consensual sexuality as a way of expressing love, and above all consider sexuality as an act between two people of the opposite sex; one that should lead to the creation of life.