The city of Vatican is located in Rome, Italy, by the Tiber River. This city is approximately a hundred and ten acres and started out with a population roughly around eight hundred and forty people; however, it has increased throughout the years. Vatican City is known to be the smallest state in the world due to its area and population. This city was established as a state in 1929 by the treaty known as the Lateran Treaty. When it comes to politics in this state, the individual who is the head of the Catholic Church has all the power. This person is known as the Pope. The Pope is able to handle all three branches; legislative, executive, and the judicial – most probably due to its small-sized structure.

Vatican City is known to be the only independent state that has not yet became a member of the United Nations (UN). The Pope is known to be the sovereign of the entire state. When it comes to the health, the security, and telecommunications within the state, there are specific departments that handle these other type of issues. It is run much like any other city.

Vatican City is ruled completely by the Rome Bishop also known as the Pope. The highest ranked persons in this state are Catholic. Vatican City has its own territory thanks to the Lateran Treaty, which gave this state its boundaries. The territory of this state includes St. Peter’s Square, Via della Conciliazione, Tiber River, Benito Mussolini, Piazza Pio XXII, and many museums and churches.

The climate in this state can vary tremendously. They can have mild and rainy winters from the month of September to almost the middle of May and also switch to hot and dry summers from the middle of May until the end of August.

When it comes to its economy and finances, Vatican City has a meticulous budget that is adhered to. Their budget includes the museums and post offices, which are supported through the sale of coins, stamps, medals, and tourist dollars. This state has around two thousand people who are employed. This indicates that some must come from a foreign nation and have moved into this state and that Vatican City is ever growing. The Vatican has no “official language;” however, a majority of the individuals in Vatican City speak Latin. Other common languages that are spoken include German, French, and Italian.

Although Vatican City is known for its religious posture, it is also the home to some extremely famous art work throughout the world along with its well-oiled railway system. There are no airports or highways located within the Vatican; however, there is a railroad system that is used for almost all of the transportation within its borders. When it comes to communication, this state has a modern telephone structure along with an elaborate letter writing system.

Though there is crime in Vatican City, it appears to be more of a minimal type. The crime is geared more towards individuals stealing purses, pocket picking, and shoplifting. It is definitely one of the most beautiful and historical places to see and one that should be on your bucket list to visit. While at Vatican City, don’t forget the amazing and inspiring art pieces.