Religion is practiced in every corner of the world and there are many denominations and facets that exist today. Christianity is, however, one of the most common and popular religions in the western hemisphere. Among the denominations of Christianity is Catholicism.

Within this particular religion there is a set of beliefs with many traditional disciplines that make up the Catholic Church. Some of the more well-known traditions are the celibacy of the priesthood, the season of Lent, and the Vestments. In addition to these three, there are, of course, many others. These include such things as the belief that people should serve others, that people should worship together, that the Catholic faith should be shared, that everyone should seek guidance on faith, that fasting is a gospel-based discipline, and that all should keep their dreams alive by following a brighter light.

More recently, the tradition of celibacy within the priesthood has become a hot topic. This could be due to the changing times of our more modern society and the news media hype. As many already know, priests in the Catholic Church are not allowed to be married or to have any romantic relationships. While this is a tradition, some people may think it is a bit dehumanizing because of the belief that most people have the need and the desire to be in a romantic relationship such as marriage. However, priests are denied this and therefore it seems a little disturbing or restrictive to some.

In the Catholic Church, there is a tradition known as the Season of Lent. During this time period, individuals between the ages of 14 and 59 should fast during the 40 day period before Easter. This means that they need to refrain from eating meat and have only one meal per day. Like the other traditions, it is an integral part of observing one of the most significant dates in the religion. However, this can be a bit too restrictive for some people. In terms of natural biological functions people usually eat at least three meals per day. As a result, one meal wouldn’t be sufficient; therefore, this could possibly cause some medical risks as well as discomfort.

Another tradition of the Catholic Church is the liturgical vestments. These are long robes that priests wear during a church session. They are used to symbolize special designation in Christianity and represent authority. This is therefore the standard attire for priests. However, there are people that believe that wearing a robe such as this might be a bit too rigid and especially in modern times. It is further believed that allowing priests to wear common clothes may be better for the overall vision of the church and to better identify with their congregations.

There are several disciplines by the church that regulate an individual’s everyday life. Some of these disciplines ensure a person is being more “godlike” in behavior and also more in line with the Catholic way of thinking. These behaviors involve working towards the better good for mankind – serving others, serving humanity, etc. In addition, spreading the Christian faith is also seen as a noble cause and individuals are greatly encouraged to do this.

There are many disciplines by the Catholic Church that are noteworthy and are in line with the good for humanity; however, some are considered to be too restrictive. This is where the difference of opinion comes into play.

In the end, it is up the individual as to what they feel most comfortable with and how they would like to lead their lives – either closely tied to everything that the Catholic Church offers and suggests or altering their religious behavior to more accurately fit their everyday modern lives.