In writing, “Revenge of a Catholic Schoolboy,” Victor Villaseñor uses his enlightenment within the Catholic school system to tell the story of how it shaped and molded his way of thinking for years until he was invited to speak to a group of Catholic Priests and Nuns in Wisconsin. It is Victor’s powerful interpretation of those early years in Catholic school, his relationship with his beloved mother, the spirit of his ancestors, and his analogy of life that bring it all so splendidly together. Stay tuned for this powerful upcoming book.

Victor Villaseñor’s new upcoming book “Revenge of a Catholic Schoolboy,” is not only a thought provoking book on life itself, but it gives the reader insight into some age old traditions and disciplines that have outlined the Catholic Church’s stance for centuries.

More recently, the Catholic Church has been through various scandals that have included much secrecy and sexual abuse within the priesthood. The church has found itself under quick fire due to its practice of covering up sexual abuse against children amongst its priests and members. How much damage has this done to the overall institution? No one knows for sure; however, it can be safely said that at the very least it has caused Catholics to question the logic or intent of these cover ups. Victor’s new upcoming book touches on the soul-searching harm this secrecy caused amongst the clergy within the church.

In addition to the latest sexual abuse scandals, there are other traditions and disciplines that have come under scrutiny as of late. This has also caused Catholics and non-Catholics to question the direction of the church and its papacy. Are these strict guidelines such as not allowing priests or nuns to marry, not allowing nuns in the priesthood, antiquated stance on contraceptives, outdated believes on homosexuality, and other more recent scandals causing people to leave the church? Should some of the hard-line and antiquated disciplines and traditions change to accommodate the living ideals of a more modern society?

Victor’s new book “Revenge of a Catholic Schoolboy,” gives insight into how priests and nuns navigate through the Catholic Church’s realm of religious discipline – how they tolerate yet question – endure yet carry on spiritually. It is a thought provoking book that evaluates Catholic dogma and discipline through a new lens never seen before.

As the news media swoops to make headlines, the Catholic Church and it’s age old traditions are quickly coming to the spotlight. Some of these noteworthy broadcasts are raising eyebrows and have begun to create much dialog amongst Catholics and non-Catholics around the world.

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