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Our Superbowl of Politics

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I awoke with a start!

Because normally when I receive Flashes of Insight like this they make a lot of sense, and they are what has been helping me be a writer all these years. But this morning when I received this, I figured I’d misunderstood, so I took in several deep breaths, and tried to go back to sleep.

It was 4am when I awoke again and received the same information. And once more not as a statement, but as a question. And the question was this:

“Could it be that Donald Trump will go down in history as one of the greatest presidents the United States has ever had?”

Once again, I took in several deep breaths. I had not voted for the man. I truly disliked him and had little respect for him cytotec price usa. For me, he was just a loud mouth bully coward. I’d voted for Hilary, and before that, I’d voted for Obama whom I’d met in Southside Chicago 25 years before he became president.

What happened back in the early 1990s in South Chicago was that, Mary Gonzales and Greg, her husband, an ex-Jesuit priest, introduced me to Barack Obama, whom they were mentoring, and I’d seen this skinny young man talk to a gang of young

Blacks and Latinos and he hadn’t reprimanded them. Oh, no, he’d talked to them about their good points, that they were a gang, meaning that they were organized, and all of society was made up of gangs. The cops. The teachers. The carpenters. The plumbers. Our founding fathers of this nation. And he then explained to them that this gave them a foundation of power so they could accomplish anything they put their energy into, and then with a smile, he led them into a world of positive possibilities they’d never dreamed of before.

Well, I, too, was so inspired that I cancelled my flight home so I could hear him speak to another group of young men and women the next evening. Then I cancelled my flight again, so I could hear him speak for a third time. This evening after his talk, I went up to this skinny young man Obama and told him he was going to be president of the United States.

He began to argue, telling me that wasn’t possible because you had to come from one of the big states with a lot of delegates like California, Texas, and New York, or be independently wealthy like the Kennedys.

Well, by now I’d had enough. “Listen to me!” I finally said. “Stop arguing and start preparing! Because you are going to be president of the United States for two terms, and yet your greatest work will happen six months after you leave the oval office on a Thursday! IT’S ALREADY WRITTEN IN THE STARS!”

I was hot! I was in Chicago as part of my Rain of Gold book tour, and so I almost added that my dad, who’d Passed Over the year before, had come to me and explained all this along with my grandmothers who were all on the Other Side of Living, so this wasn’t my opinion, but a message from the Spirit World!

Hearing this and glancing at Mary and Greg, and all the others who’d heard me tell him this, Obama laughed that charming laugh of his and said, “Well, okay, if it’s already written in the stars, I’ll start preparing!”

Now here I am 20 some years later on January 2017, with a group of family and friends, watching President Obama give his farewell speech on TV when I suddenly leaped out of my chair.

“THIS IS IT!” I shouted. “All these years I’ve known that Obama is going to do his greatest work six months after he leaves the Oval Office and I now know what Obama’s greatest work is going to be, and why Trump might go down as one of the GREATEST PRESIDENTS WE’VE EVER HAD!”

Everyone was staring at me, mouths open. Most of us had loved Bernie, but then voted for Hillary, figuring that she’d have the best chance of getting elected. No one in the room had voted for Trump and we’d been shocked when he won. With all his wild talk and bringing out the worst in people and causing separation, instead of unity and inclusion, we’d thought for sure he didn’t have a chance.

“Are you crazy?” someone yelled at me. “Sit down, and just finish your beer.”

“NO! NO! NO!” I shouted vxgkwue. “This is GOOD! This is GREAT! You see, Trump is so bad that he’s causing people, especially women and minorities to get off their asses, stop complaining, unite and step up to the plate, and after he’s been in office for six months, this man Trump, who’s his own man, who owes nothing to Republicans or to Democrats, will see, as a businessman, that he needs help. That he needs advice from people outside of his immediate advisors and he’s going to go out of the box and call Obama and they’re going to do business together. Not politics. But business, and LEAP

US BEYOND THEIR DIFFERENCES like what happened with us and Japan and Germany!

“Look, it’s true! After World War II, we started doing business with our enemies, Japan and Germany, and Trump and Obama—because of their own huge differences–will be able to skip the war part and take us right into doing business with our present so-called enemies.

“And a good guy couldn’t have gotten us to this point. No, it took a maverick, a crazyloco cabron to do this! Can you see it? Hell, Trump himself doesn’t see it yet, BUT HE’S A BLOODY GENIUS! And has the chance of uniting this whole country—not superficially—but here in our gut where we all really live, and go down in history as one of our GREATEST AMERICAN PRESIDENTS AND WORLD LEADERS!

“Conservatives and liberals coming together so they can leap into a whole new world! Ku Klux Klan and White Supremacists opening their hearts and souls beyond all their hates and fears and seeing that we’re all aboard the same ship called Mother Earth and so we’ve got to work together! There is no other way! THAT’S OUR POWER! For the people! Of the people! By the people! And there’s only One Race, the Human Race, and we’ve already got all the people of the whole world here in the U.S., and so WE’RE UNSTOPPABLE!

“And Trump is the only son-of-a-bitch who can pull this off just like in the movie Patton, where General Patton told his interpreter to tell the Russian General that he didn’t drink with son-of-a-bitches. The interpreter was terrified. Patton shouted, “TELL HIM!” He did, and the Russian General with rage said back through his own interpreter that General Patton was a son-of-a-bitch too!

“Then, I’ll never forget, Patton smiled and said, “Well, then, tell him that as one son-of-a-bitch to another son-of-a-bitch, I will drink with him.” And so they toasted and drank, these two generals who’d just finished crushing the Nazis.

Oh, I see it so clearly, Trump and Obama having a double tequila together, and the whole world starts coming together—communists and capitalists, radicals and conservatives, Christians and Muslims, in the Spirit of Global Harmony and Peace and it will be women gathering in force all over the world who are going to force Trump’s hand and get him and Obama together.

And thinking more about this, I can now see that these outside-of-the-box Flashes of Insight aren’t really new for me, and are, in fact, the foundation of my trilogy Rain of Gold. My grandmother Doña Margarita in Wild Steps of Heaven, when she goes to the enemy of her family to get help so she can get her son Jose, the Great, released from prison. My dad and mom buying our ranch in South Oceanside near the beach right after Pearl Harbor when everyone else was so petrified with fear that they were moving inland. Yes, I can now see that with these two men, being forced to come together with the united power of women, are going to be able to get past our Global Red Sea of Fear and Doubt for each other and move us into prosperity for all, as One Race, the Human Race!