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  1. Carlos Morales says:

    Don Victor, recien termine` de leer Rain of Gold, y estoy muy impresionado por su magnifica obra, estuve totalmente inmerso por varios dias en la interesante vida de su apreciable familia, me hubiera encantado conocer esos grandes hombres en sus magnificos caballos,y Don Juan Salvador Villasenor (~) era un hombre memorable, de donde sacaria el tanto valor? de verdad, impresionante.

  2. Rachel says:

    Hi! I read ‘Thirteen Senses’ and ‘Rain of Gold’ last year, and was absolutely captivated by heart, magic, struggle, and bravery that is shared in your stories. You are a beautiful writer and have a pure heart. I am at this very moment more than halfway through reading ‘Burro Genius’, and, am about to purchase all three books to give to my mother for the holidays. Thank you so much for your heart, bravery, and determination! I am truly inspired by your writing- to live my life fully, to write, and to continue on my own path of bravery and determination.

    • lindavillasenor says:

      Thank you, Rachel – hello to your mama too! Wishing you a wonderful, loving Holiday.


  3. Tara Moore says:

    One of my students is currently reading and enjoying Rain of Gold. It is amazing to see a student at our school reading such an epic book. I work at Broadway Continuation High School where many of the students don’t enjoy reading until they are introduced to books they enjoy in our reading classes. I hope I can inspire many more students to read your books. I have read Rain of Gold, Burro Genius, Thirteen Senses, and Wild Steps of Heaven. They are amazing, inspiring stories with some funny parts. I would like to thank Victor Villasenor for being an author and a truly kind person. Thank you for managing this website. Ms. Moore

    • lindavillasenor says:

      Tara, thank you so much for telling us about your student. And thank you for working with the Continuation students; they fall through the cracks for so many reasons and having someone believe in them can make the difference! Hello to them too!


  4. I went to Marywood with Hortensia inthe late 40’s . . Is she still living? My maiden name e
    was LucilleLaporte… am reading Rain of Gold and enjoying it very much .

    • lindavillasenor says:

      Oh, my! Yes, she is doing well – lives in Reno and is on facebook: Marie Mullins. Please write to her, and I’ll also let her know you wrote.


  5. clair says:

    I have read three of your books and can’t wait to read more. You inspire me and send my mind into a world beyond the problems I face. I can connect to others through your words. Thank you for being so eloquent and real. I look forward to meeting you at the Thanksgiving celebration on Nov. 18th.

    • lindavillasenor says:

      Dear Clair,

      Linda, Victor’s sister, here. Thank you so much for your beautiful words and feelings. I’ll give Victor your letter – we do look forward to meeting you on the 18th! Pls be sure to have someone point me out too.


  6. HealingMexicanAmerican says:


    I discovered you for the first time and bought your book, CRAZYLOCOLOVE at a bookstore on Friday and read it yesterday in one sitting. I could not put your book down. I broke down in tears and experienced what you went through all over again.The ridicule, the Catholicism, the English only at home (for me), the put downs of a lesser class of people from dignified “respectable” people had evoked years of suppressed anger, bitterness, and shame in me. I am, admitting for the first time, a Mexican-American. It feels empowering to say this. Denying this truth has been my weakness, I now realize, my whole life. My brother called me “honky” because he said I did not look Mexican. That’s how I wanted to live my life: not being Mexican. But then who am I and who am I not? I was lost searching for this for all these years.You are so fortunate to have come to terms at the early age of 20 as to what was going on with our religion, culture and society. I left for Europe at 19 to escape my Mexican heritage and second-class citizenship. I did not have the courage you did to confront and come to terms with this. I was ashamed and did not figure out who I was and who I was not. For years I have made excuses to my parents as to why I could not visit them: my father who worked three jobs to put us kids through private school and college; my mother whose parents worked in the fields and had to quit school in the 4th grade to help out at home; my grandfather who never learned to read and write because he was barred from school for his Apache Indian heritage. I was so embarrassed of them all. I went into denial and fled. I felt so ashamed while reading your book for this. Yet, it was such a cathartic experience that I now feel cleansed and free! I see these people, myself as part of these people, as human beings not as second class citizens. I am now 42 years old and will be going home to visit mi familia in Santa Paula, CA in October. I hope after all these years it is not too late to be embraced by my family that I denied out of prejudice, unbenownst to them, for so many years. I thank your source for writing this book that shines a light so true to my source that I cannot ignore it and must follow its lead.

    • lindavillasenor says:


      I’m Linda, Victor’s sister. Thank you, thank you for being you. Just as you are, just as you have been your entire life.

      Please tell your story whenever you can – help others on both sides understand and heal too. We’re all one race, the human race.

      Your story is truly why my brother writes.


  7. Evelin says:

    Hi & Thank You to Mr. Villasenor and his lovely team for having this website up! I’m doing a little personal research on raising children, my husband and I want to have a family soon, (con el favor de Dios). Rain of Gold is my favorite book, it’s stayed with me since I read it many years ago. I just finished reading Lion Eyes, and I believe it was perfect timing in my life. My mom and Grandma were both born in Santa Barbara Chihuahua, and lived in Francisco Del Oro, and Parral. They have raised me telling me wonderful stories about the Tarahumara. Also, my father (from jalisco) nicknamed my mother “La Tarahumara” when he met her because she never walks, she just jogs around the house doing her errands. The point is, I want to make sure I raise my children with spiritual awareness beyond just being Christian children who are forced to pray every night before bed, and before a meal, and forced to go to church once a week on Sunday. Lion Eyes made me begin to research for books or writings that dig deeper into how the Tarahumara raise their children. Is there anything you can recommend I look into?
    -Evelin Zepeda McCarthy

  8. Becca says:

    Hola Victor y Linda,
    I have read Rain of Gold, Thirteen Senses, Walking Stars and am planning to read Wild Steps next! I absolutely love these books. I read the excerpt from Victor’s new book today and I was curious if Victor and your family wouldn’t mind sharing the burial locations of both the mamagrandes because I myself, as I am sure many others, would love to personally meet them. The stories in his books changed my life, especially the teachings of Dona Margarita. Thank you for writing these books and changing so many lives! Thank you a million times over!

  9. Toni says:

    just tried to sign up for your newsletters but site wouldn’t take m e-mail. When will Mr. Villasenor be speaking again in the San Diego area. I live in Oceanside. gthank you. Toni Hayward (

  10. Abril Hernandez says:

    First off I have to say that I am a huge fan of Victor’s work. My father is a Mexican immigrant and I can always identify with the themes of these books. So much so that as a first year high school teacher at a brand new charter high school in Chula Vista, I have decided to include in my curriculum several of Victor’s books. Walking Stars has inspired my students so much already because they feel inspired to challenge the language barriers and stereotypes that might hold them back.
    I would feel so blessed to have Victor speak to my freshman class and further inspire them through his speaking. How do I go about this process?
    Truly Inspired,
    Abril Hernandez
    9th grade English teacher

  11. Spanglish187 says:

    Señor Villaseñor,

    My journey started in 1997, when I first laid my eyes at
    “Macho” in Stuggart Germany’s military base PX. I’m very proud to say
    and share that Mr. Victor Villaseñor is my favorite author!! I read “Rain
    of Gold” & “Wild Steps to Heaven” at least once year, a
    journey that still continues today! Thank you for reminding me to reflect on
    the stories of mí quireda Abulita use to tell me……
    Please continue to be the inspiration of others……. Adios

  12. Chilepiquin says:

    Hi there, are you once again hosting the Thanksgiving potluck at your beautiful home?

  13. Bobbi says:

    I would like to hear Victor’s response to this recent step forward in Immigration Reform

  14. Jesse says:

    Dear Victor Villasenor

    I wanted to say thank you for making me want to read books again. I read Burro Genius in class, and I read Macho after that…LOVE YOUR BOOKS!!!

    • lindavillasenor says:

      Dear Jesse – thank you for the compliment; this is one of the main reason Victor’s writes!!


  15. Claudia Treviño says:

    Who exactly are Víctor Villaseñor parents? Is Margarita his grand-mother?

    • lindavillasenor says:

      Yes, Doña Margarita is his grandmother. Parents at Juan Salvador and Lupe.


  16. Eliza_marr says:

    Hola señor victor, me encantaron sus historias, lluvia de oro y trece sentidos fantasticas , llegaron a mi corazon saber q Dona Margarita y Dona Guadalupe , creian tanto en dios lo cual se ha Ido perdiendo en estas anos, gracias pq recopere toda mi fe q estaba permiendo saludos y felicidades.

  17. Patti P says:

    I live in Escondido and come from San Bernardino. Loved Rain of Gold. Was the hotel in San Bernardino based on Arrowhead Springs? And the FBI sting actually happened there during prohibition?

    • lindavillasenor says:

      Not sure about the hotel. Yes, the FBI sting actually happened there then. The stories are true. Since you live so close maybe you and family/friends can come to Victor’s annual potluck the Sunday before Thanksgiving. Info at It’s a real fun afternoon, wonderful people, great food dishes!


  18. Susan Cox says:

    I just finished reading ‘The Thirteen Senses’. I found this and ‘Rain of Gold’ to be profoundly moving stories on both a narrative and spiritual level. There is on little thing bugging my picky brain ‘tho and perhaps it’s been addressed before but: Why does Luisa have two husbands in the first book and only one in the second??

    • lindavillasenor says:

      Thanks for recognizing the spiritual and narrative levels. I’m not sure where in the books you’re referencing Luisa’s husbands. This is how it was: Luisa was married in Mexico, her husband was killed while she was pregnant with ‘Joselito’. Then she married Epitacio. Hope this helps.


  19. Mariapollack says:

    hi, just finished reading Rain of Gold my good friend and neighbor suggested i read it since my family is from Mexico. i was crying and laughing both throughout the entire book. it is such a great story of human life and love. plus it reminds me of some of the stories my own mother told me about her time in Mexico. and of course, i live in Oceanside and go to Carlsbad all the time too! i can’t wait to see the mini-series on tv.

    • lindavillasenor says:

      Thanks for letting us know how you like Rain of Gold. In Carlsbad on Roosevelt Street, south of Carlsbad Village Drive is Lola’s Market. A great place to eat. The house next to it is the house our parents lived; Victor was born there. And the place in back was Dona Guadalupe’s little home. It’s been enlarged. You can see Sal’s poo lhall building across the street. The Lola people can tell you all about it. They might also open the museum next to the pool hall.

      Filming will begin end of October…. Try to come to Victor’s annual potluck. Info at


  20. Nancy Lemarroy says:

    Hello Linda Villasenor,
    This is Nancy Lemarroy from Pacific Beach. I talked to you few months ago about bringing Victor Villasenor to our public school at PB. We couldn’t make it, but I hope next academic year will do it. I read Burro Genius and I loved it! I’m reading right now Rain of gold and I just can’t stop reading it. I am loving it too! I would like to get a copy in Spanish for my parents, but it seems too difficult to get one. I’m curious about the HBO mini series, where exactly in Mexico are they going to be filmed? And about Thanksgiving day, is it true we can go to your place? I would love to go with my family to meet Victor Villasenor and you, what do I have to do?

    • lindavillasenor says:

      Hi Nancy,

      Good to hear from you; just let me know when the stars line up to have Victor visit your school

      Glad you’re loving Rain of Gold. You can order it en español, Lluvia De Oro, at Amazon, and at discount. Yes, the HBO mini series will begin filming in southern Mexico this October. And yes, Victor hosts an annual potluck which is open to the public. Info at Please try to make it – let everyone know! It will be fun to meet!


      • Nancy Lemarroy says:

        Thanks Linda for your reply. I just finished Rain of Gold. I don’t have words to describe Victor’s magnificent job in this book. It has helped me in many different ways to value my present and my past, my life and my ancestors lives. For many years I have wanted to write about my family but I just procrastinated. But now, after reading Rain of Gold I feel very motivated to do it. I feel like all of us should do it. I’m pretty sure we’ll find one Dona Margarita or one Dona Guadalupe and a big treasure for our children and the children of them.
        Hope to see you at the annual potluck!

        • lindavillasenor says:

          Yes! Please write your family story. Generations to come will praise you for it. Papa used to say, no hay major tiempo que ahorita – there’s no better time than right now!

          Please ask someone to point me out at the potluck so we can meet!


  21. Lura says:

    You spoke at a college my mom Rebecca Lykens was teaching at. She gave me a copy of Rain of Gold and I have been a fan ever since than..

    Great stories

  22. Evapere7920 says:

    hi mi name is eva perez i just finish reading burro genius .i loved it .i would like to know when are you having you next celebration on the villasenor ranch i would love to go

  23. Nena says:

    Hello Señor Villaseñor,

    I read Burro Genius and getting ready to finish Crazy Loco Love and was wondering what book you recommend I read next… This will be the Victor Villaseñor Summer and loving it!!! :). Please let me know.

    • lindavillasenor says:

      We love that you’re having a Victor Villaseñor Summer read! If you’ve already read the trilogy Rain of Gold, Thirteen Senses and Wild Steps of Heaven about our parents and ancestors, then I suggest you go onto Beyond Rain of Gold.

      Victor’s first published book, Macho!, is a great quick read. And Lion Eyes is a wonderful read too. Please let us know what you decide!


  24. Bernadette Adamo says:

    Hello Victor Villasenor,

    My students at Riverside High School in El Paso, TX has just finished reading “Walking Stars” and absolutely loved it. Over nine years ago I read a copy of “Rain of Gold” that you personally dedicated to Cesar Chavez Academy and given to Lilia Limon, I treasure that copy with all my heart!!
    If would be wonderful if you could respong to this comment and perhaps call my classroom at (915) 434-7059 to speak to my students, we do not have access to Skype or else we could have a face to face discussion.
    Bernadette Adamo
    Special Education Teacher
    Riverside High School
    El Paso, Texas 79915

    • lindavillasenor says:

      Hi Bernadette. Hello to your students tambien! We’re so happy they loved Walking Stars. Great about your ROG copy. Did you notice most of mama and papa’s stories in Walking Stars were in ROG? A couple from Wild Steps of Heaven.

      We’re on the same page as you about not having Skype. I regret that Victor’s writing and can’t make the call.

      If you’re interested in having Victor present to your students at Riverside High, please contact me: 760-722-1463 or


      • Bernadetteadamo says:

        Hi Linda, so glad to hear from you and say hello to Victor.
        Yes I did recall the stories from ROG found throughout Walking Stars.
        I would love to have Victor present at RHS, perhaps when we resume for the next school year in August the other English teachers and I can arrange for the visit.
        Have a wonderful Fourth of July and a great Summer.


        • lindavillasenor says:

          Hi Bernandette,

          Glad you noticed the stories. I love the ones Victor selected for Walking Stars. Just let me know when you’re ready to discuss having Victor visit.

          Wishing you a great summer and 4th also!


          Linda V.


  25. Olivia says:

    Hola Senor Villasenor
    I have read almost all of your books, and I am thirsty for more. Will you be putting any more books out?

    • lindavillasenor says:

      I think there will be a new book out next year. If you haven’t read Macho! in a while, it will be reprinted with a new cover and out this October. FYI the cover is a little art piece someone gave me. We were searching for cover art, and Victor saw it in my book case, and said ‘there it is!’


  26. R Nunez1 says:

    My daughter made a comment to me, she told me that she didn’t feel like was a priority in her younger brother’s life. (since he moved in with his girlfriend). It reminded me of Luisa when she met Lupe. Doña Margarita made a comment about a sister’s love. But I can’t recall the exact quote. At the moment I don’t have a copy of Rain of Gold, because every time I buy one I end up giving it away because I want to share it with the world…

    • lindavillasenor says:

      Thank you for giving out copies of Rain of Gold – for spreading the word. Hello to your daughter. I also don’t have a copy here, and don’t remember the quote.

      Is there anyone who does?


  27. My name is Andrea Gonzalez. I am first year college student at UCSC and i read the rain of gold from cover to cover when i was in the 8th grade i actually did a report on it. After reading Rain of Gold I was inspired to do interview of my grandparents I was very proud of the memories I made. Last quarter I was asked to write an autobiography I used info that i had recorded in the 8th grade after reading your book I would have never been able to talk about my late grandmother the way i did because I would not have had the information that you inspired me to gather thank you Mr.Villasenor i hope to meet you one day. All I have on my birthday list is a copy of your new book thank you for the inspiration
    Andrea Gonzalez

    • lindavillasenor says:

      Hi Andrea,

      Thank you so much for such a great story! I’m Linda, Victor’s sister – and I’ll give him your comment. Its so appropriate today, Victor’s B-day, and will be a present for him. Thanks!


  28. Miriam says:


    I am a university student. I am writing an essay in one of Mr. Villaseñor’s novels. I know that Chicano literature doesn’t have a specific language, it can be written in English as well as Spanish. I was wondering why is it that he only writes in English? Is it the language that he feels the most comfortable?

    • lindavillasenor says:

      Linda, Victor’s sister, here. Am trying to remember why he says he writes in English…….. This is causing me to remember that mama said she always thought in Spanish even after all the years.


  29. RLBHartmann says:

    I’m reading Beyond Rain of Gold (in English), and am finding it just as engrossing as the books before it. When R of G becomes a film, I hope it will be released in western North Carolina.

    • lindavillasenor says:

      Thanks for mentioning movie. Rain of Gold (and Thirteen Senses) will be a 7 hour HBO series – filming to begin this fall and air next fall, 2013. It will be called ‘Rain of Gold’.


  30. Peter says:

    Hello, my name is Peter Safran. I just finished reading your book, Burro Genius, and I am floored. As a white person, I’ve never experienced the level of hate you’ve lived, and it shocked me that this must be the kind of life so many of the hispanic people around me must have lived, without me ever knowing. There’s an entire world I never knew. Thanks to you, I feel like I can take the first step towards understanding the pain of those around me. For this, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    • lindavillasenor says:

      Dear Peter, we thank you for receiving the Burro Genius story with an open heart and mind. We humans do come here to learn, and to teach. And now you’re one of the teachers of understanding and healing pain – on many levels, not just discrimination. Thanks!


  31. Britny Rios says:

    Helloo my name is Britny Rios. Me and my fellow classmates are reading your book name Burro Genius. Its a really good book. I know a lot of people judge us because were mexicans but that didnt stop you from giving up so why should it stop me. Well Victor that story thought me a lot. A lot of mexians get judge because of who they are and were they came from. Well I want you to do me a huge favor and come vist my school please. I want you to talk to us about why its important to know who we are and to never forget forget from were we where from. That book thouqht me a lot. Iam a mexican as well. Well message me or anything if you would be able to come to our school. Me and my classmates are looking foward on meeting you and ask you questions. Have a great day. -Britny Rios :)

    • lindavillasenor says:

      Thank you, Britny, for letting us know you and class are reading Burro Genius, and that it’s giving you a good view of yourselves! Hello to your fellow classmates too. I’m Linda, Victor’s sister – let your teacher know to contact me about booking Victor to speak to your class at


  32. Charli777 says:

    I want to talk to my professor at CSUSB, I know we would love to have Victor come and speak. Oh my how I have enjoyed his books and the stories of your amazing Mom and Dad y familia! I am sending his books to the Xicanos on Death Row at San Quentin. I am an advocate for inmates, an abuela, and a college student. Thank you for sharing your precious world, your beautiful familia y su alma. Mucho respeto to the Villasenor family, with love and blessings. Charli Eaton Grandmothers of the Light

    • lindavillasenor says:

      It would be wonderful to have Victor visit CSUSB – he hasn’t been up that way in quite a while. If your professor is interested in booking him, he can contact me at Charli, thank you for the work you’re doing with inmates, and for being a role model for all. Is “Grandmothers of the Light’ an organization with a web site, etc?


  33. Roversue says:

    I was visiting Carlsbad a week ago and was drinking margaritas at El Norte when a gentleman sat down beside me to order his dinner. We began to chitchat and this gentleman suggested I read Rain of Gold. As we continued talking, I realized he was the author and he gave me a list of his works and in what order to read them. I am just finishing Lluvia de Oro and have not been able to put it down! Just ordered 13 Senses and will be devouring it next. Please tell your brother he was the highlight of my trip and left a strong, lasting positive impression on me. Gracias! Sue Schwartzhoff

    • lindavillasenor says:

      Sue – thank you! For writing about your ‘Victor’ meeting. We’re so happy you’re enjoying – devouring – his books. I will let him know; he loves getting messages. And since you visited with Victor, you most likely know I read and reply because of his what we call ‘gift of dyslexia’… thanks again.


  34. Susan Estep says:

    Hello Victor! My name is Susan and I am living in Central Oregon with a Lakota Sioux teepee across the small pond from where I sit. There are two rows of prayer flags…. one from Dharamsala and one from Mt Everest, …travel gifts from each of my daughters, strung between two juniper trees and Singing for the World in the wind. I just finished the only book of yours I have read yet, Lion Eyes and I LOVED it! Just thank you so much!!! I love Mireya (Love Her!) and Jan, with the Noble Heart. I love the voices of their children and the colorful Tarahumara…I love the LionSpirit and the flying Eagles who never die and your father who turned into sweet stone and mother who felt the ferns to become One…wow..I enJoyed every moment of your book and am Grateful to your friends, Jan and Mireya. Truly, your book is Sensational!……. literally, thirteen senses full and I am just thanking you from the depth of my Heart…Manana es un otro milagro de Dios!…. I am now confidently looking back into the future. Now I understand. May you and your family Walk in Beauty….LOVE! I notice you will be in Central Oregon in October and if it is in the Stars I will be there….will you be book signing? ***

    • lindavillasenor says:

      Susan, hello! I’m Linda, Victor’s sister. You live in God’s country, I know as I lived in Redmond OR on the Deschutes River for six years. Many eagle stories..Hello to your daughters. And thank you so much for LOVING Lion Eyes, Mireya and Jan, and the Tarahumara. Blessings to you and yours.
      Yes, Victor is scheduled to be in Bend October 25, and the event will be open to the public is my understanding. His books will be available after his presentation, and he’ll be signing. Lets ask the stars to align.


  35. Ev Elyn says:

    I first read Rain of Gold when I was in 7th grade. Since then, I’ve read it at least 8 times, and now I’m finally reading it in Spanish. Each time I feel like I learn something new. It’s an amazing and inspiring story.

    • lindavillasenor says:

      You have really taken our family into your heart – 8 times! Thank you. And now en español. Please let us know how you like the Spanish version compared to the English. We’d value your opinion.


  36. Kika1978 says:

    Hola my nombre es veronica y quisiera saber donde puedo conseguir su libro lluvia de oro y trece sentidos un plecer saludarle vivo en playas de rosarito baja cfa.

    • lindavillasenor says:

      Hola Veronica,

      Puedes conseguir los libros en una librería allí en Rosarito, o en Tijuana. Si no los tienen en tienda, pueden ordenarlos para ti. O si ay alguien aquí que puede ordenar los en y llevar los a ti.


  37. lindavillasenor says:

    Thank you for the kind words. And congratulations on your upcoming book – great title!


  38. Fshuru77 says:

    Hi my name is Ernesto Estrada. Last night I finished reading Behind the Rain of Gold (the Spanish version) and my commute to and from work it seems much shorter and I am now able to talk to my relatives that left to the other dimension at loud. And let me tell you it is a much better feeling that just the small prayer, thank you Victor.

    • Anonymous says:

      So glad to be a catalyst. It really is just another dimension, and we’re all together. Thank you very much for writing and letting us know!


  39. Freddie Diaz says:

    I am only on page 19 of Burro Genius and I am already crying. What a powerful book!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh, my gosh – thank you; we are so happy BG resonates! Please let us know how you like as you go on…


  40. Christine Johnson says:

    Dear Linda,

    Oh, and the book is “Rain Of Gold” of course. :-)


  41. Christine Johnson says:

    Dear Linda,
    about half a year ago I found a battered copy of a book in one of our cupboards. Either one of my sis-in -laws or my husband has bought it, I still don’t know ( I live in a joint family with my in-laws, in Thiruvananthapuram, South India). The book looked nice and thick and I had nothing to read, so I took it… Linda, I can almost not describe how fascinated I was as the life of your and Don Victor’s ancestors unfolded before me. I was spellbound. I am still fascinated, after reading it thrice… so much of wisdom, so much of courage, so much spirit.
    Below I found the address of Don Victor. You have given it to another fan. I hope it is ok if I just send him a note?

    Kind regards,

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you so much for writing from Thiruvananthapuram! I’m guessing you read Rain of Gold? And thank you for taking our family into your heart. If you’d like to send Victor a note, you can do that here, and I’ll print it for him – or you can send it to him at: 1302 Stewart St., Oceanside, CA 92054.

      Hello to your family too!


  42. Angelica Brambila says:

    Will he be making any appearances in the bay area soon?

    • Anonymous says:

      We don’t have anything scheduled in the Bay Area in the near future – thanks for asking. Please check events calendar on web site from time to time. I will update it really soon.


  43. Kathy Quintos says:

    I live in North Carolina with my kids, we are originally from CA. In school my son was told to pick an American hero to research and portray for his 3rd grade musical. He is portraying Victor Villasenior, and I was amazed to come home and find out how much my son had already learned about him in one day. I am hoping that by portraying Victor Villasenior in the school musical they will learn about what a wonderful author he is, and inspire them to read his books and learn about this beautiful culture.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you so much for letting us know, and for spreading the word in North Carolina – hello and kudos to your son!


    • RLBHartmann says:

      Hi, Kathy! I’m in NC too, and if you’re on Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn, look me up and let’s connect.

  44. Jose Villa says:

    Victor, es un placer conocerte en foto, soy originario de Durango, y un cunado me comento acerca de un libro que escribiste llamado LLuvia de oro,y tambien Trece sentidos.
    Mi pregunta es, son dos tomos, o este libro es un solo tomo.
    Donde puedo adquirir este libro [s ] me facinaron tanto que mi cunado me dijo que
    comprara el mio. Por favor contesta, vivo en Los Angeles California.
    Mi correo Elect. es Gracias.

    • Anonymous says:

      Jose – gracias for escribir. Lluvia de Oro se puede comprar en book stores – o en Alli en Los Angeles los bookstores si no lo tienen, pueden ordenar el libro para ti.


  45. Sue says:

    Is Rain of Gold translated into Italian?

  46. Anonymous says:

    I recently read Rain of Gold for the third time after discovering it about five years ago. I love this book so much! I tell people when they ask what it’s about, that it’s about love, faith, perseverance, incredibly strong and resourceful people….. and everything most people never knew about Mexicans or Mexico!

    The first time I read this book I was delighted to discover that there was a familial conection, in that my mom’s mother’s side of the familly (Gastellum) also migrated to Carlsbad around 1920 from Tucson/Tubac Az.. I know I have many relatives there still. Also, I believe that the “one armed pool player” was my mother’s great uncle, Viviano Gastellum, who had earlier lost his arm to a rattlesnake bite in Az. I believe that the Gastellum line is also married into the Freeman family. This all just made the terrific story telling a little more special! I will certainly purchase Lion Eyes.

    • Anonymous says:

      This is great! Yes, the Gastellum familia settled in Carlsbad, and I think you’re right about Viviano! Thank you so much for writing.


  47. Maria Minue says:

    El libro “Lion Eyes” me ha impresionado. El mensaje es estupendo. Y es una historia real. Cierto? Me pregunto que es de la vida de Mireya y Jan ahora?

  48. Dan Holmes says:

    Every day I enjoy lunch with my 89 year old Father In-Law from Mexico City/Pachuca and he tells me stories of his past. I’m re-reading Rain Of Gold and I so wish he’d let me read it to him but he refuses to sit still choosing rather to go out and chase the horses around. I’m thrilled to hear HBO is looking at it. Perhaps he’ll take the time to sit and watch it. After his Novellas of course…

    • Anonymous says:

      This great! That your 89 year old Father in law would rather be outside – chasing horses around! That’s how I want to be too. We expect filming to begin late spring/summer and air 2013. Will post updates.


  49. Cburtis says:

    I just finished Lion Eyes. Thank you so much for writing this book. I am a Hay House reader if you will, so I though it a little amusing you wrote at the end a chapter on the believability aspect…….becuase I had no problem seriously believeing every word of it! I do not think we have really heard of the Tarahumara before and i am grateful to have known them through your story. I am now going to buy the two rain of gold books. Reading Lion Eyes end chapters, would you consider reissuing “Rain of Gold” with those stories the NY editors forced you to remove? I know it would be loved and appreciated and well considered and well valued with Hay House readers. I myself would be seriously interested in reading them.
    Thank you again,
    and Best Regards.
    Christina B.
    Washington DC

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you for such a wonderful note! Victor just finished another book, and will begin another; the thought of reissuing Rain of Gold is interesting. It’s a publisher thing though. However the plan is the HBO mini series will have content that didn’t make it into the book..


  50. Sara Fernandez-K. says:

    Hello Linda, Don Victor, Villasenor family and friends,

    This is Sara-La Espanycana! I am in Colorado these days, and have just received and finished, as a christmas gift, my copy of “Beyond Rain of Gold”!!! No hay palabras para decirles las gracias por haber escrito este libro!!! Now that is definitely some amazing star-running you are Goding! You and your family have been some of my most vibrant and trusted teachers, and assisted me in so many ways during (continuing) my awakening. I can’t thank you enough for the outrage/courage that was so honestly expressed in those pages.
    … I am already asking my guides to assist me in getting to Spain for 2012……so i can ask for forgiveness as well on behalf of the spaniards who brutally came before me…I have not been to spain since ’89, and had my first level of awakening in the desert of New Mexico in the summer of 1990. Where I came to “see” and remember indigenous lives, then came to “see” and “feel” the pain, horror, and utter darkness of my antepasados en esta tierra sagrada…and carried that shame as well for many years….learning to try to infuse light into that deep cellular pain, in order to awaken the mother energy that has been beaten down, for so many centuries.
    I am humbly here PARA SERVIRLES…..en levantando la energia whenever and however I can.
    Thank you for your words of love, strength, world harmony and above all PEACE!!! Long live La RAZA de PAZ!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Aay Sarita! Your words mean so very much – thank you! Please stay in touch; we need to have you join us in Spain! As time nears please email me at so we can personally communicate about the trip.


  51. Carrie says:

    Is “Burro Genius” out in audio form? I am special education teacher. The students I work with are in grades 7-12 and have difficulty reading. I would like them to listen to your memoir “Burro Genius” but haven’t been able to find it anywhere on CD or digital format.

    Next best thing is that I will read it a loud to them.

    Thank you for all your wonderful books. I have enjoyed each and every one of them. Just finished “Beyond Rain of Gold” and I think it is my favorite yet.

    • Anonymous says:

      I do regret that Burro Genius isn’t available on audio. Please let your students know we’re sending them a big hello y abrazo.

      Really glad you liked Beyond Rain of Gold. Victor is wrapping up another book this week; should be out next year.


  52. Guillermo Hernandez says:

    First of all I wanted to thank you Linda, and of course your brother Victor Villasenor for allowing us the opportunity into your family’s life with his great work. I am glad I found this site. Are there any events continuing in December? My wife just read Burro Genius and immediately fell in love with the message and personality of Victor Villasenor. This new found interest made her go through my books that I had stored away and she found Rain of Gold, which she is now reading. The books have inspired her to learn more about our family’s background and where we come from. We are both of Mexican decent and being raised in the States we can easily relate to the pains and joys that Victor and your family have endured in this life’s journey. She wants the new book Lions Eyes, she doesn’t know it yet but its on its way along with 13 Senses, Macho and Wild Steps in Heaven, I just bought them online and I am having them shipped to her job as surprise gift. She has been reading his books during her lunch and having dialogues with her co workers about them and then brings the conversions home to get my perspective on things. (Her being strong minded we don’t always agree or come to the same conclusion so our discussions can be long and tense but I love the dialogue and communications that it brings to our family especially our children) My wife if very interested in meeting Victor in person we live in Salinas, CA and wanted to know if there is any plans to schedule anything in this area? If not I would not mind driving to south to attend his next event. I work with at risk youth, ages 16-21, here in Monterey County and would love to have Victor as a guest speaker for our Youth Campus or even take our students to attend a nearby event if ever possible. I look forward in the near future of meeting and thanking you both in person.


    Guillermo Hernandez

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi Guillermo – thank you for taking our familia into your hearts – and a big hello to your esposa y familia, and the kids you work with. We don’t have any upcoming events in the bay area. If you want to dialogue about booking Victor, please send me an email to:


  53. M Orozco66 says:

    i believe that wild steps of heaven in spanish

  54. Lbunited18 says:

    wats up luis

  55. Lbunited18 says:

    Wats up bro

  56. Lbunited18 says:

    Wats up bro

  57. Adriana says:

    Hello. I hope you had a great Snow Goose Global Thanksgiving.

    I was looking for Victor Villaseñor’s official Twitter. Can you please direct me to the right one? Thank you.

  58. Sdalinger says:

    Hi Linda, I just finished reading Rain of Gold and I would really like to send Mr. Villasenor a note- Posting it here just wouldn’t do justice to what I have to say after the incredible journey he took me on. Is there a physical address where I can send him a letter?

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, there is, and I’ll give it to you. I’m Victor’s sister. He and I have created this site to encourage dialogue between his readers. I am asking you to please post the essence of your message here; just something short would be wonderful. Please send the letter addressed to me at 1261 Oak Ave., Carlsbad CA 92008. I’ll give it to him. Thanks!!


      • scott says:

        Well, even before Rain of Gold I have enjoyed reading. In fact, there are many books that I have read that I consider to be very good, that I really enjoyed. I thought that I had been reading the best this world had to offer. Then I read Rain of Gold, and it was like going from eating Hershey’s kisses all your life to discovering See’s chocolates. I was truly captivated from the first page to the last, and I love thoughts on marriage- A marriage has the value that a man and woman give it.

        • Anonymous says:

          Oh, Scott, thank you for your thoughts – your beautiful words. Mama and Papa really did live a love-story, thru ups and downs, ins and outs, twists and turns, their love did grow.


  59. Daneeka says:

    I am a college student and I just finished reading Burro Genius. I have become so fascinated with victor’s stories, I am hoping to attend the potluck in November.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m Linda, Victor’s sister. Thank you – we hope you can make it to the potluck, and look forward to meeting you. Please invite your family/friends, and be sure to introduce yourself.


  60. Araly says:

    First of all, let me say its nice to be able to write to you.I have read your book Burro Genius and it was so touching and sad at the time. I could imagine how hard it was for you growing up,because the same as you it was difficult for me to. I couldn’t stop reading your book it was so motivating, and it makes me want to succeed in life even more. I admire you because you never gave up, no matter what people told you. I’m about to read another book of yours and i look forward to enjoying it as i have enjoyed Burro Genius.

    Sincerely, A big fan of your books Ari

  61. Ola victor, como me encataria estrechar su mano y tener uno de sus libros autografiado. Me identifico con lluvia de oro pues fui criada en Jalisco mexico. Espero que pronto cumpla el sueno de conoserle y estrechar su mano. Le admira.

    Consuelo Ulloa de Guevara

  62. Jesus Manuel Rodriguez says:

    Dear Mr. Villasenor: I wrote an early e-mail and it keeps sending when I am not finished. So I will try again. I am in 7th grade. When I read your book, ” Burro Genius”, it remined me of a bad experience I had with a teacher last year . She dismissed a project I had worked very hard on because of a small direction I did not follow. I am not finished with your book yet, but want you to know I am glad I chose it and that I am sure many Hispanic kids can relate to your memoir. I would love it if you could come to our middle school and speak at our school. I do not know much about how these things are worked out but if you can explain them to me, I will talk with the principle and my teacher. We have a large Hipanic population at Collier Elementary and Middle school and think it woud linspire so many of us if we could here your story and your experiences.

    Jesus Rodriguez ( Avondale Az)

    • linda says:

      Hi Jesus, I’m Linda, Victor’s sister. Thank you so very much for persisting to send us your experience. Please take that persistance and apply it to your life; never give up. About Victor visiting your school, just ask your teacher or principal to contact me at or call 760-722-1463

  63. Laura says:

    I wished your books were available in audio version — Unabridged of course.. I have an hour commute to and from work; listening to these books would make it so much nicer,…

    • linda says:

      Thank you. So do we. It’s a publisher thing. Thirteen Senses is abridged, but very good. Wild Steps of Heaven is unabridged.

  64. consuelo sanchez says:

    Im a BIG fan of all your books Victor! my favorite on is “Rain of Gold” I love how you put every little detail showed our tradtion en el libro WOW I got to admit if I ever had a chance to meet you in person I wouldnt forget that day ever hopefuly if i ever go to California I have a chamce to meet you get an autograph and a picture but sadly im all the way in Iowa im glad to be a young latina and support our culture God Bless you with many more years to make more brilliant books!!
    -Consuelo Sanchez

  65. David Garcia says:


    I am an employee for a medical device company, Medtronic Cardiovascular, Santa Rosa, CA, and am a chairperson of the Latino organization (MLCNet) at the company. I just read your book, Macho, and loved it. What a beautiful story! At the end it has your picture and mentions that you lecture so I figure you had a website.

    I noticed you have an event in Calistoga on Nov 12th. I certainly would like to go see and listen to you but am hoping you would consider visiting us at company and possibly having an event there too. I would love to invite one of the elementary classes that I tutor, and many other employees tutor, over at that time you are able to visit, if you are.

    I would love the opportunity to talk in more detail so please let me know the best time to call you.

    Kind regards,

    David Garcia

  66. Victoira M. Terronez says:

    Hola Victor,

    I’ve read a lot of your books and just love them. I met you a few years ago at the University of Iowa at a Hispanic Conference and had my picture taken with you and you also signed my book.

    And I’ve been following your website and wanted to know whatever happen to the trip that was supposed to have taken place back to where the first book started from in Mexico? Also are they still going to have your book on HBO this fall?

    Looking forward to reading the rest of your books.

    Vicky Terronez

    • linda says:

      The Mexico trip didn’t happen – maybe in the future, as Victor’s newest book, Lion Eyes, is about that area of Mexico and is about the people who would set up the trip. Working on the mini series as we speak, thanks for asking.

  67. Idalia Gomez says:

    Hola, soy una admiradora de sus libros, mire su nombre en la lista de Autores para Los Angeles Book Festival.

    Me gustaria mucho saludarle y que me autrografiara mi libro de lluvia de oro, si se pudiera. Me podria decir que dia se presentara? Muchas gracias por esos lindos regalos que nos a dado a todos sus fieles lectores.