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This is a short mini-documentary about Victor made by the Latino Author short mini documentary on Victor. The Latino Author provides a platform for Latino authors and readers to come together around the world.

Fox News interviews Victor

In this video, Victor is interviewed by a presenter of Fox Channel 5 about diversity.

American Latino TV Interviews Victor

In this video, American Latino TV crew interviews Victor Villaseñor at his Ranch in Carlsbad California. In the clip Victor explains the strategy for becoming the “best writer you could possible be…”

Snow Goose Festival: Amazing Grace

From the Producer

“Enjoy this incredible experience at the Snow Goose Festival at the Victor Villaseñor Ranch. We all sand Amazing Grace and the energy was electrifying”

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RAIN OF GOLD Student Trailer

Video made by students based on the book “Rain of Gold” by Victor Villaseñor.

From the producer:

“This video was made from the book Rain of Gold by Victor Villasenor, it was a class project and my classmates and I decided to do a preview for it on video.”

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Burro Genius Movie Trailer

Video made by students based on the Burro Genius Book.

CAMS Class of 2010′s Literature Circle Project.