Thirteen Senses


THIRTEEN SENSES, the sequel to RAIN OF GOLD, continues the powerful family epic as told by master storyteller Victor Villaseñor. Set in the colorful backdrop of Southern California amidst the bygone era of Prohibition and the Great Depression, this memoir recalls the story of Salvador and Lupe’s first years of marriage. Filled with thrilling action, gut-wrenching suspense, ancestral wisdom, and timeless love, this adventure never lets up. Embracing unconditional love, profound grit, and the tenacity of two spirits which transcend all obstacles, THIRTEEN SENSES demonstrates the strength of women, the power of magic, and eliminates the narrow boundaries set by Euro-American five sensory world.

Praise for Thirteen Senses

“The wait is over! The sequel to RAIN OF GOLD is finally here, and Victor Villaseñor has fulfilled all expectations! THIRTEEN SENSES reads like magic!” — Edward James Olmos

“The legions of fans of RAIN OF GOLD will fall happily into THIRTEEN SENSES. The adventures of the Villaseñor family continues . . . this book delivers generous doses of sex and romance, picaresque escapades and crime, violence and slapstick humor. This hearty story is also a shaman’s primer . . . Like other shamans before him, the more outlandish Villaseñor seems, the more truthful his story. This vast tale is a gift: if you’ve ever yearned to fly, THIRTEEN SENSES might just teach you how to do it.—Luis Alberto Urrea, author of ACROSS THE WIRE and NOBODY’S SON

THIRTEEN SENSES is marvelously textured with the voices of its characters. The strong and effective use of dialogue quickly draws the reader into Lupe and Salvador’s adventures, making this more than an immigrant tale, but a wondrous story of love and family—Rudolfo Anaya, author of BLESS ME ULTIMA

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