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Bear Totem Story by Victor’s Childhood Friend

Here is a Bear Totem-Story by Victor’s childhood friend, John Folting.
We hope it will stir a memory in you and that you’ll post your own story.  Thanks!  Linda

By John Folting:

I had an experience like Jan in the book Lion Eyes as you described.
My family was at Yosemite when I was about 5 or so and like any other red blooded American boy I decided to explore on my own. Well, needless to say I got lost in the woods. For a couple of hours, it seemed forever, I walked and walked and of course got deeper in trouble.
I really thought I was going to get hurt or die but Providence intervened in a very strange way.
I was just standing there and this mother bear came up to me with her two cubs. I guess she was maternal as I do not know if you know this, adult animals rarely hurt the young of another.
She just nudged me and for some reason I started to follow her. When I was tired I rode her back. She took me to a stream and across the stream was a house. I patted her and walked away towards the house where my father was. He just happened to be there looking for me.
He never believed my story but it was OK because from that time I always loved animals. I still do.
I’ll buy the book and read it and let you know. Nothing happened to me like your heroine, but it at least gave me a life long respect for animals.