The Revenge of a Catholic Schoolboy Campaign Continues!

When Victor set out to write Rain of Gold, he thought it would take him two to three years.  Instead, it took 14 to write it–and then two more to get it published, buy it back from New York and take it to Texas!

A similar thing happened when Victor set out to raise $70,000 in 30 days through crowdfunding for the publication of his newest book, Revenge of a Catholic Schoolboy.  It simply wasn’t enough time!

So, Victor and his fundraising crew decided to continue what started out as an indiegogo campaign right here, at  We have a great team of people committed to helping Victor (who still writes his books by hand!) master new technologies and reach his goal so his books can have a greater presence in the digital arena and the world.

Victor says, “Cactus grow slow.  They’re beautiful and they’re indestructible.  And that’s how we’re looking at ourselves and getting this project, Revenge of a Catholic Schoolboy, out to you.”
Revenge of A Catholic Schoolboy is a wild, pertinent story that bridges cultural and religious differences.  Through publication of this book, Victor hopes to continue bringing a message of hope, meaning and personal transformation to as many people as possible.




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