22nd Annual Snow Goose Global Thanksgiving – Hosted by the Villaseñor family – November 24th

Pot Luck Picnic CELEBRATION!

Everyone is Invited – Tell Everyone

Let’s all Join in a Spirit of Love,  Celebrate our Differences, and Create 5,000 Years of
Peace on Earth!!!!

Sunday, November 18, 2012
Activities being at 12:00 p.m.
Potluck 1:00 p.m. until sundown


Rancho Villaseñor
1302 Stewart Street
Oceanside, CA 92054
(click here for map & directions)

Admission is an appetizer, a main dish, a salad, or a dessert to share with 12 others, for every 5 people in your group – made with warm, loving hands!


First time prayer circle led by Victor’s sister, Sita Paloma! Circle will begin at 12:05pm. Please join us!

House tours begin at 12:15. $10, 20 minutes, proceeds support the Snow Goose festival. English and Spanish tours. If you are interested or have any inquiries please email garygernandt@live.com

Children’s activities begin at 12:05. They will be in a parade around the property up to the stage.

This year, volunteers will be there to collect your food at the front gate as you arrive. And yes, it will be blessed!

For more updates, please “Like” us on Facebook!

Directions: I-5 to Oceanside
From I-5 N Exit Vista Way West. Right at Stewart.
From I-5 S Exit Cassidy St. West to Stewart. Right.
From I-78, 78 turns to Vista Way. Right at Stewart.
Rancho Villaseñor is at the North end of Stewart Street.

Please bring a candle . . . a picnic blanket, lawn chair and jacket and utensils, plates and water.
This is a non-alcoholic event.

52 comments on “22nd Annual Snow Goose Global Thanksgiving – Hosted by the Villaseñor family – November 24th
  1. Marylcastaneda49 says:

    Thank You for having us @ ur 2oth annual Snow Goose picnic on Nov, 20. It was such awesome experience for my familia. 9 of us met @ the rancho comming from Lancaster , Long Beach and San Diego. We are 3rd n 4th generation Americans n most in our group are very distant from our roots. ( I have tried but they just have no interest). I thought that they would find a reason to leave. But from the moment we got there the greeters n helpers made us all feel instantly welcome. They all said EVERYONE here is so nice, we just want to be nice right back. My daughter,Melissa loved Victor’s ,Crazy Loco brash personality n his words of choice!! n I was surprised my daughter,daughter-in law n granddaughters joined w/me in the circle of energy dancing. They were (I was surprised )very excited about the lighting of the candle ceremony.I thought, through out they were not listening but as we left, Marisa, the one I least most expected said the rain is here because the energy of people as a whole has dispersed. All of us American Mexicans have our ante pasados stories and I am grateful to Victor that for me n my familia ur writings have given me hope that at the very least my kids n grandkids will find a spark of interest to get hungry to find out where their abuelita came from and WHY n how she struggled to get here so we could all have a better life. Thank You, Victor … See you in Spain
    Mary L Castaneda

    • Anonymous says:

      Aay, Mary, your familia’s experience is, well, just beautiful! Thank you all, y abrazos fuerte. Yes, see you in Spain.


  2. Esther Gamboa says:

    Aaaw… Today was the first time I goggled Victor Villasenor … Was looking for inforsmation on his book and I find out about the celebration on the exact day its being hosted. :c next year God willing I will defently join you and bring my famous pumpkin roll … Hope everything turned out great.

  3. Joey Delgado says:

    Thank you for the honor of performing at Snow Goose. We really enjoyed being there.
    Bobby & Joey Delgado

  4. Joey Delgado says:

    Thank you the honor of performing at Snow Goose. We really enjoyed being there. Bobby & Joey Delgado

  5. Amyb says:

    Linda (& Victor, & everyone)… I’ll be sending a thank you in the mail, but I had to post a note here, “fresh” from the gathering. So blessed! The candle ceremony, the people…everything was amazing and as I/everyone was leaving, and the rain was just starting (what timing!) I ducked into the Tipi for a time I will never forget. I even have a small piece of the wood sitting next to me now, still deeply warm to the touch from so long in the fire — just as my heart is deeply warm from the prayer and circle of “global” family. Thank you so much for letting me know about Snow Goose (met you and Victor just last week at dinner.) Today…an experience and a blessing. May your home be blessed as well for all you do. In God’s hands, -amy bartlett

  6. bdismael says:

    I was running late but we noticed it started raining.. we ended up not going cause we thought it was canceled. Did it still keep going?

    • Anonymous says:

      Snow Goose was a success – rain did not begin until was over! Mark your calendar for next year – also Victor is planning a trip to Spain for next year. Will have info on web in a couple of months.


  7. Dann-sshopping says:

    Will the event still take place although rain is predicted?

  8. Stella Cruz says:

    Does this events still take place if it rains?

  9. Tim Betzala says:

    Can’t wait for today’s festival. Will there be a way to warm the food we are bringing to share?

  10. Monica Wettengel says:

    This will be my first time attending this harmous event, I’m so excited and look forward to spending a day of fellowship filled with love & peace. I am bringing along a group of my dearest friends to share this soon to be memory. Thanks Gary for handing the phone over while driving to Mr. Villasenor…safety first And thanks to Mr. Villasenor for kindly giving me directions to the Rancho, it caught me by surpise…I felt like I was talking to an old friend…See you Sunday!

  11. Mary Ellen Reese says:

    I can’t resist a party that celebrates differences because I have a lot of them! Neighbor Mary Ellen Reese, St. Malo Village

  12. Poetjude says:

    Hi Linda, We are coming this year after wanting it for many years. My son turns 40 and is coming from Colorado to join us. He is on crutches from a painful operation on his knee. Will that be a problem for him to get from parking to the event? Thanks so much for your work for love and peace.

    • Anonymous says:

      You can drop him off at the gates, then find parking on the street. From the gates to seating isn’t far. Look forward to seeing you!


  13. magdalena bolanos says:

    Que maravilla< estoy tan impresionada como Linda contesta todos los comentarios. Que familia tan humana, por supuesto que estare con ustedes el nov 20. Gracias

  14. Linda says:

    Wow great I was wondering if you would be there I am so happy. Last year you blessed my 2 year clean and sober AA token and this year it is three..great thank you I have had a blessed year..Linda Pagan

  15. Tchaiko Kwayana says:

    I was afraid I had missed this year’s event. I’ll be there.
    Tchaiko Kwayana
    National Board
    Certified Teacher


    Blog: http://wearewinnersplhs.blogspot.com/

    “One of the greatest crimes you can commit is to teach a people that their history begins with invasion, colonization and enslavement.”

    –Runoko Rashidi‎”

  16. Goodmedcn says:

    As with last year, I will be setting up my Tipi at Snowgoose again this year, and hosting short, intimate prayer services inside the tipi throughout the day. Bring a prayer request if you have one. Robert Hayward, Ho-Chunk Winnebago..

    • Anonymous says:

      Bob, thank you for once again bring your Tipi. It was the biggest hit last year! Also please bring some of your book, The Thirteenth Step. I know people will want to purchase.


    • Eufemialm says:

      Hello, I just wanted to let you know how much my family and I enjoyed the prayer services last year. My son spent most of the day in the Tipi sitting next to you. For about a week, he said a prayer for you every night. Even though we won’t be there this year, the Snowgoose Thanksgiving will always be in our hearts…

      • Anonymous says:

        We’ll include your family in our Tipi prayers. Please take time on the 20th to join us in a little prayer wherever you are. Our energies and your energies will combine and go out reaching other like-hearted souls.


  17. Jussta says:

    Looking forward to this, going to be great fun and wonderful energy!

    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks – we look forward to meeting you!


      • Jussta says:

        Did Gary give you and Victor the short Video on Firewalking I gave him at Victor’s last great talk at the Oceanside Library Community Room? I am eager to hear Victor’s and your reaction.

        • Anonymous says:

          He didn’t give it to me. Most likely he gave it to Victor. You can call Gary: 760-803-3523. He’ll return Monday from a little vacation.


          • Jussta says:

            Linda, I missed meeting you in person, I believe I have met you before at one of Victor’s talks at the Oceanside Main Library. I had a most wonderful time yesterday! The energy was truly beautiful, loving, and peaceful. The food was delicious. The entertainment was outstanding – and, of course, Victor, was the most gracious host.

            I spoke with Gary and gave him a hug – and, yes, he gave Victor the Firewalking DVD – and explained he probably has not watched it since he is focusing on writing his next book and participating in the writing of the screenplay on one of his books.

            I enjoyed drumming on my Mountain Lion Native American Drum that I made and hand-painted while on tour for two years in Australia teaching Native American Drum Making, Firewalking, Vision Quests, and leading Sacred Sweat Lodges.

            Although chilly, Brother-Sister Rain held off. I left at 4:01 p.m. and, as I drove home the first rain cells came pouring down.

            I will definitely mark my calendar for next year. Mingsany blessings of love, gratitude, light and peace.

            I am including a photo of Victor and myself at his last talk in October at the Oceanside Library:)


          • Anonymous says:

            Yes, we did meet at the Oceanside Library. Thank you for supporting Snow Goose, and I’m glad you had such a good time, and thanks for your participation!


  18. Morgan Sully says:

    Looking forward to the event and helping out online!

  19. Anne Van de merghel says:

    Cant wait to come!!! I am telling all my people about it :)

  20. PATEE MARTINEZ says:

    I would LIKE 2 “THANK YOU” so MUCH 4 the INSPIRATION u have GIVEN me THROUGH the THICKNESS of the MIST…that i have CONQUERED ….FIGHTING a DIABLO of my BACK was the BEST i have EVER done in MY life…WHOEVER thought i WOULD have a SECOND chance at <3…2 have a ENCHANTED "CHARRO" coming 2 RESCUE me from the BARRIOS of the SAN FERNANDO VALLEY…it is YOU DON VICTOR que ME distes "GANAS" 2 L.I.V.E…when i HAD no 1 but my CHILDREN 2 look 2…RAIN of GOLD gave ME "INSPIRATION" 2 look FORWARD and never BACKWARDS….GRACIAS a TI…<3

  21. Paul says:

    My family and I had such a wonderful time last year, we llok forward to attending again!

  22. Conor Gernandt says:

    We are starting a global movement encouraging global harmony through music and festivals with food and love. It is not just a potluck at the rancho. It can be where ever you are. You can put your mind there at sunset the Sunday before Thanksgiving along with all of us all over, or you can start your own festival in your home, park, or community center to expand the event to the people of your hometown. Please help us make this global not just a “potluck” at the rancho. This is for the people it is not just about Victor it is about spreading Global peace and harmony all at once together around the world at sunset. So where ever you are the Sunday before Thanksgiving either at home by yourself or with your family or with your fellow community members at your own festival join us at sunset in putting your mind to the peaceful and loving harmonious place we are all on our way to obtaining globally, but it starts with you so join us.
    Thank you all and have a wonderful day,
    Conor Gernandt Snowgoose’s Youth Representative

  23. Juanita DeMers says:

    This book was given to me by a friend. I never read a book so related to my family life before. So sad it took this long for me to read this wonderful book. It lifted my spirits and took me back to where we started.

  24. Angelica Chavez Clarke says:

    I can’t wait to share this wonderful day with you. Thank you for opening your arms and your home to us. A hug,

  25. Teresa Salgado says:

    Thank you for giving me and my family an inside view of how our parents and grandparents may have lived and the things they may have gone through. I am so looking forward to the Snow Goose Global Thanksgiving! Con el favor de Dios, nos vemos!

  26. Jesus Juarez says:

    Hi Linda,
    I was wondering about the snowgoose thankgiving event. what time should we show up because as you mention the potluck is at 1 but the vents is at 11 so what time should my party and i show up

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