Fox News interviews Victor

In this video, Victor is interviewed by a presenter of Fox Channel 5 about diversity.

11 comments on “Fox News interviews Victor
  1. Jessica Villagómez says:

    Hola en México, ¿dónde podemos comprar los libros? Yo tengo el libro de Lluvia de Oro que me regaló una de mis tías que vive en California pero está tan viejito que casi se me desbarata de tantas veces que lo he leído y me gustaría poder comprarlo así como otros títulos de Víctor Villaseñor.

  2. Paloma Porras. says:

    Thank you so much Linda. I look forward to seeing the mini-series. I have recommended & gifted Don Victor’s books to some of my family & friends, And each one has come back to tell me that they LOVED the stories. — Saludos a su familia.

    • lindavillasenor says:

      Saludos a su familia y amigos. You all are familia with us, connected by the stories and the stars!


  3. Paloma Porras says:

    I Love, Love, Love Mr. Villasenors Books!! They made me cry and laugh w/ carcajadas, & cheer for his family. Honestly, how blessed are we if we just open our hearts. How can i possibly get a copy of the 7 hour HBO Mini-series ?? I would love to see it.

    • lindavillasenor says:

      Thank you for asking about the HBO mini series! Because I absolutely love to talk about it. Well, filming will begin this October in Mexico after the rainy season. For about 6 months, then the lengthy editing process. So it should air fall 2013. We’ll post news as we know.


      • aco92 says:

        you’ve made me so happy with this news. i love the books and i’m so happy its being made into a mini series! i’m so anxious to watch it. i have one quick question. i just wanted to know if you’ve found the actors yet? i’m so anxious to know who is gonna portray who :)

        • lindavillasenor says:

          We don’t have anything to do with casting. Don’t know yet who they have in mind. There will be ‘child’ actors and ‘adult’ actors for our parents. It is getting pretty exciting. Thanks for asking.


  4. Jose Arreola says:

    I love u all

    • lindavillasenor says:

      We love you too! And your son who introduced you to Victor, and your abuelas tambien!


  5. oscar says:

    Don’t forget the message ” Open your heart, accept each other and LOVE each other.
    Oscar Garcia.

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