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Victor Villaseñor is a beloved author, San Diego native, and North County resident. He has produced 65 short stories and 9 novels, including highly-recognized national bestsellers, Rain of Gold and Burro Genius. His books are used in schools and college-level classes, and his children’s books teach life lessons for people of all ages. Victor Villaseñor is an engaging speaker who focuses on universal themes (and receives standing ovations). He shares his life experience and Mexican heritage through spoken word.



In 1998 Victor Villasenor was invited to speak to a group of retired nuns and priests who’d just read his national bestseller Rain of Gold. He didn’t want to go, remembering all the abuses he’d received at Catholic school. But then, visiting with his mother, she told him he was now an adult and to remember his father had always said that forgiveness was part of growing up. He decided to accept the invitation, because, also, he’d not written that well about the Church and, instead, had written about how his Native American grandmothers had mixed their Indigenous Spirituality with their Catholic Christianity, and so he wondered why they’d invited him.

Victor’s stay in upper Wisconsin became a life-altering experience of living modern-day miracles, not just for him, but for the retired nuns and priests as well. Revenge of a Catholic Schoolboy is a must read for Catholics, ex-Catholics, and all people who’d like to see the different religions of the world come together—not with tolerance—but with love and understanding and respect for each other.

There’s only One Race/the Human Race.

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Activating Our Kingdom of God that Jesus so wisely told us is within each of us?

All these Native American concepts plus many others are in Victor Villaseñor’s new book, Revenge of a Catholic Schoolboy, and these are also the concepts that he shared with a group of retired nuns and priests in 1998 when they invited him to speak to them in upper Wisconsin after they’d read his national bestseller Rain of Gold.

“All right,” said Victor after speaking to the group, “so what do you think about all this? Can you see that through Indigenous languaging God and evolution don’t have to necessarily contradict each other, but, in fact, can work together as in the concept of ‘Godelution’ ?”

No one said a thing. All the nuns and priests were just looking at him. He thought that maybe he’d blown it by having brought in all the Native American Spirituality with which his parents and grandmothers had raised him. But then a flashing light came to him and he altered his question from “thinking” to “feeling.”

“Excuse me,” he said, “forget thinking and tell me what do you feel in your hearts about all this ancient wisdom that I’ve shared with you?”

Instantly, an old curly grey-haired nun in the front row leaped to her feet and shouted, “I FEEL FREE FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE!”

Another nun, also dressed in street clothes and sitting in the front row next to the first nun, stood up slowly and with tears streaming down her face said, “I can love God for…for the first time in my life without fear.”

Then another nun remained seated and simply said, “Too beautiful, too sacred, can’t talk, can’t put into words.”

“WE NEED TO TELL THE POPE!” shouted a priest from the back of the room. “This information will revolutionize the whole Catholic Church! And help unite all the different religions of the world!”

“DIDN’T YOU HEAR HIM?” shouted the curly-haired nun. “The Pope is a man! And his grandmother told him that it’s now time for female energy for the next 26,000 years, and so what we need is a WOMAN POPE!” she added with power.

“Well, yes, I heard him, but it can’t hurt,” said the priest.

This is the excitement that happened in 1998 and is chronicled in Revenge of a Catholic Schoolboy, giving hope and vision to a group of retired nuns and priests who’d thought that the days of the greatness of the Church that they’d dedicated their lives to were numbered. And today, right now, Revenge of a Catholic Schoolboy can give hope and guidance with a leap of faith that can transform the Catholic Church beyond all the ongoing scandals about secrecy and sexual abuse within the priesthood.


For this new pope, Pope Francis, the first Jesuit and first pope from the New World, has already begun to move through ‘Godelution’ the Catholic Church, the largest organization the world has ever seen, by refusing to live in the Papal Palace and also by refusing to be driven around in limos.

Victor Villaseñor’s new book Revenge of a Catholic Schoolboy is not only a fast, thought-provoking read, but also gives insights to why priests and nuns should be allowed to marry, why women should be allowed to become priests, and why there will be a woman pope once the Vatican is moved to Ireland for 100 years.

In reading this book, you will understand why Victor has stated that he did not write Revenge of a Catholic Schoolboy. It came to him through his Native American ancestors and Jesus Christ, taking us Collectively back to a time when we were all Indigenous People the world over.

Ultimately, Revenge of a Catholic Schoolboy is about life-altering modern-day miracles and a must read for Catholics, ex-Catholics, and all people who’d like to see the different religions of the world come together—not with tolerance—but with love and understanding and respect for each other, because Judgment Day is here, and it’s the day when we all stop passing judgment!

So, of course, the question isn’t is there intelligent life on other planets? The real question is, when is there going to be intelligent life on this planet?

There’s only One Race, the Human Race, and there’s only One God, and that’s a God of Love, and nothing but LOVEAMOR!

Revenge of a Catholic Schoolboy - a new book by Victor Villaseñor.

Revenge of a Catholic Schoolboy – the latest release by Victor Villaseñor
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