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Victor Villaseñor


Want to know what Victor Villaseñor has been up to these days? When Victor isn't working on his next book, his gift of speaking and connection to people usually takes him on the road. It is this combination of his writing skill, his kindness, and his great warmth that has fostered the promotion of world harmony and peace throughout the majority of his adult life. Click here for updates and official news.


Today, the reality is that social media is quickly taking over in how we do business and how we connect with people throughout the world. It has quickly become the norm to staying informed as well as providing information to those persons on your networks. Being part of an online community is so important to staying knowledgeable and versed on various topics. Join Victor's online community to get the latest information and stay informed of any upcoming projects.


Victor Villaseñor's literary works have created a buzz in the literary world for years; however, two books that MUST be highlighted for their masterpiece creations are "Burro Genius" and "Rain of Gold."

"Burro Genius" is a book which covers Victor Villaseñor's own youth and education. It is written with such daring courage and takes you into the depths of a young boy's soul and discovery. A magnificent book that can't be put down until the very last page. The sequel, "Crazy Loco Love," takes the reader on another momentous journey that is filled with teen anxiety, sexual awakening, and spiritual insight.

"Rain of Gold" is the incredible and true-life saga of love, family and destiny. It is the intense depiction of how a family survives the time of Pancho Villa's revolution and the time of Prohibition days in California. A masterpiece in every sense of the word!


This is a yearly event hosted by the Victor Villaseñor Family in Oceanside, CA. It is a musical/potluck festival geared to encourage the spirit of love and serenity throughout the world. Join us in creating 5,000 years of Peace on Earth! We hope to see you there. Click here for more details.